Access Gate to Queen’s Bath Closed For the Winter

Queen's Bath Locked

Effective immediately (October 4th, 2022), the access gate to Queen’s Bath in Princeville, Kauai has been closed through winter in the interest of public safety, reports the County of Kauai.

“Access to the gate is closed due to hazardous ocean conditions and anticipation of the winter season,” said Ocean Safety Bureau Chief David Kalani Vierra. “We urge the public that entry in these hazardous conditions can result in injuries or drownings and puts the lives of our first responders at risk.”

Dangerous year round, Queen’s Bath becomes especially dangerous in winter months with powerful waves that can easily sweep people off the rocks and out to sea. This happened to Yayun Cheng, age 23, who drowned in the vicinity of Queen’s Bath in 2018. Cheng was attempting to climb the rocks near Queen’s Bath when a wave came up and swept her out to sea. She was last seen unresponsive in the water.


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