Cheap Flights to Kauai Fall 2018

We’re seeing prices for airfare to Kauai that we haven’t seen in many years for the months of September, October and November 2018. Roundtrip airfare from Dallas Ft. Worth (DFW) to Lihue in September is as low as $334, for example. From San Diego it’s as low as $366 (in October) and San Francisco has prices as low as $354 (also in October). Sometimes, low airfare comes with multiple layovers. But there are flights from DFW for example with only one layover for a total flight time of about ten to eleven hours. The deeply discounted airfare is not available from all cities. Prices from Los Angeles, for example, are about regular price. Check Google Flights to see if there is cheap airfare to Kauai from your destination. The below screenshots from Google Flights were taken on July 2nd.

Before you book your flight, be sure to check accommodations and even rental car availability. VRBO reports that less than 25% of the accommodations in Kauai are still available for certain dates in Fall 2018. Nevertheless, for airfare this cheap, settling for the last available accommodations is a small price to pay for a trip to paradise.

We’re not sure what is behind the discounted airfare. The North Shore beyond Hanalei is expected to be closed until at least October, perhaps longer, due to flooding damage from mid-April. But there is still plenty to see and do on the island and we can’t really see that as being a factor.

Dallas to Kauai Airfare

Cheap Airfare Kauai

San Diego to Kauai Airfare

Cheap Airfare Kauai

San Francisco to Kauai Airfare

Cheap Airfare Kauai

Hanalei Sunset

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Hanapepe Town

Hanapepe Town Stroll