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Fehring Family Farm Kauai

Fehring Family Farm Kauai

Refreshing treats can be found at the organic Fehring Family Farm in Kilauea. Out front is a small stand that sells farm-fresh fruits (including pineapples, mangoes and coconuts), organic lemonade, organic popsicles, smoothies, frosties and frostie bowls. (Fehring Family Farm can also often be found at local markets, including the Kilauea Farmers Market on Saturdays.)

A variety of healthy choices are available for Fehring’s organic, dairy-free smoothies, including bananas, papaya, almond milk, honey and dates to name a few options. Available “boosters” include vanilla protein, hemp protein, spirulina and antioxidant-rich plant moringa.

On a recent visit we ordered a banana frostie topped with chocolate nibs. (Hemp seeds, coco flakes, goji berries, toasted coconut and mac nuts are also available as toppings.) The frostie was actually a frozen banana (nothing else but the topping) that had been squeezed through a device to create something resembling ice cream (see photo below). This cold concoction really hit the spot after an afternoon at nearby Rock Quarry Beach.

Also, the Fehring Family Farm website lists the Twin Hearts Cottage, a 500 square foot cottage made from sustainable redwood, that is available for short-term rentals at the farm.

Fehring Family Farm is located on Wailapa Road in Kilauea, across the street from the Na ‘Aina Kai Botanical Gardens and Sculpture Park.

On the Web: www.fehringfamilyfarm

Fehring Family Farm Photos

Above: Fehring Family Farm menu

Above: Banana Frostie with chocolate nibs.

Above: The Fehring Family Farm