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First Responders Conduct Multiple Ocean Rescues in Poipu

First Responders Conduct Multiple Ocean Rescues in Poipu

First responders conducted multiple ocean rescues in Poipū, Kauai during high surf conditions on Tuesday, May 31st, 2022, reports the County of Kauai.

At approximately 6PM, first responders were dispatched to a surf rescue at Poipū Beach Park involving a 47-year-old male who suffered facial injuries and multiple body abrasions.

Upon arriving, first responders discovered four individuals outside the surf break attempting to swim to shore amid strong waves estimated to have 15-foot faces. Two of the individuals were at the surf break known as Nukumoi’s when they encountered a large wave that caused them to lose their boards. One of the surfers hit the reef and suffered injuries to his face and body. Ocean Safety Bureau personnel on jet skis and three firefighters with rescue tubes made their way through the strong surf and helped the individuals to shore, the County of Kauai reported.

A second incident, involving an ocean rescue at the Waihohai surf break in Poipū, was reported at approximately 7PM. Firefighters were dispatched to the surf break after three swimmers were seen in distress. When they arrived on the scene, two of the swimmers had made it safely to shore, while one swimmer was in the water being assisted by a bystander. A firefighter entered the water and brought the swimmer safely to shore.

As of Thursday, June 2nd, beachgoers, surfers and swimmers at Poipu-area beaches are advised to stay out of the ocean and that shoreline activities could be extremely dangerous.

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