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Injured Hiker Rescued in Princeville on Trail to Turtle Cove

Injured Hiker Rescued in Princeville on Trail to Turtle Cove

First responders rescued an injured 58-year-old Louisiana visitor from a trail to Turtle Cove in Princeville, Kauai on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 reports the County of Kauai.

According to a preliminary report, first responders received a report at approximately 5:45 PM of a female with an ankle injury in the vicinity of Edward Road in Princeville.

Crews with the Hanalei fire station, Rescue 3 aboard Air 1, and American Medical Response responded to the incident.

First responders arrived on scene at approximately 5:50 PM and discovered a female hiker who fell and injured her ankle while hiking on a trail to Turtle Cove. Shortly after, Rescue 3 utilized a short-haul and air rescue vest to secure the hiker on Air 1 and transported her to a landing zone in the Princeville area.

The trail to Turtle Cove is often slippery and always dangerous. The Turtle Cove Trail is certainly not an official trail. Most guidebooks don’t even list the trail in order to protect the turtles in the sea cave from the crowds. The trail is much like the trail to nearby Hideaways Beach, except it is even steeper and much more precarious and dangerous. As such, this trail should never be attempted and the turtles should be left to rest in peace.

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