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Kauai Airplane Tours

Kauai Airplane Tours

Experience the beautiful island of Kauai from the comfort of a small plane with tours that depart from both Lihue and Princeville. With more air time than some Kauai helicopter tours, a Kauai airplane tour is perhaps the best way to see the island’s greatest natural wonders.

Book Kauai Airplane Tour

Kauai Airplane Tours

Wings Over Kauai – Premier Kauai Air Tours over the Na Pali Coast
Take an airplane high above Kauai and discover the beauty of Hawaii’s beloved Garden Isle. This is a great alternative to the helicopter tours and often more intimate.

Air Ventures Kauai Circle Island Airplane Tour from Lihue
Fly with one of the safest air tours in Hawaii. Expert plane pilots take you over stunning scenery, flying low and slow for best viewing!

Kauai Circle Island Open-Cockpit Vintage Bi-Plane Private Tour
The ride of a lifetime! Fly low & slow in an open-cockpit vintage plane as an expert pilot takes you over the beautiful, rugged landscape of Kauai.


Kauai Airplane Tours

Kauai Plane Tours
More than 70% of the island of Kauai is inaccessible by land, and the best way to see the island is from the air.

Get a bird’s eye view of Kauai with a Kauai airplane tour. See Kauai’s magnificent topography and coastlines from a unique perspective, with large windows or even open cockpits. Ride in comfort as you behold the island’s many wonders, including Waimea Canyon, the Na Pali Coast, Wailua Falls, Hanalei Bay and the mysterious Mt Waialeale.

Though Kauai helicopter tours are very popular on the island, an airplane tour might be more your style. Airplanes offer several advantages over helicopters, including comfort, air conditioning (on some tours), interior space, stability of flight and noise levels.

Kauai Airplane Tours Tips

  • Check in 45 minutes before your flight.
  • Wear dark clothing to reduce glare from the window reflection.
  • All passengers are weighed to ensure the airplane meets weight limits.
  • Government-issued ID is required.
  • Do not eat before the tour if you are prone to motion sickness. Take motion sickness medication per labeled instructions.
  • Flights subject to cancellations due to weather or air traffic conditions.
  • Book the tour during the first part of your Kauai trip. The tour will give you an overview of the island. Also, if a tour is cancelled, you can reschedule the tour later in your trip.
  • Most tours leave from Lihue, however a few leave from the Princeville Airport which is convenient for North Shore guests.
  • Early morning or late afternoon flights have the best lighting for photos and videos.
  • Since the Na Pali Coast is on the west side of the island, the afternoon sun highlights the Na Pali mountains and valleys in spectacular fashion (weather permitting).
  • Tip the pilot $10-$20 per person for one-hour flights, and a minimum of $20 for flights lasting more than an hour.

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