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Kauai Fire Department Releases Hiking Safety Video

Kauai Fire Department Releases Hiking Safety Video

The Kauai Fire Department (KFD) routinely conducts rescues of hikers (and swimmers) in distress on the island. Often, these rescues are conducted by air due to the unique terrain of the island. To provide guidance on hiking safely on Kauai, the Kauai Fire Department has produced a safety video with tips to start tourists off on the right track. The tips include:

  • Dress for success (hiking shoes, bright clothing).
  • Bring enough water for yourself and everyone in your party. People often underestimate the heat and high humidity of the island.
  • Phone (Do research to see if phone service is available on your hike/trail.)
  • Medications (for allergies, asthma, etc.)
  • Flashlight
  • Sunblock
  • Whistle
  • Check signs on trail for important instructions and warnings about hazardous conditions.
  • Check the weather. Conditions can change rapidly on the island. Observe the weather and conditions – it may be different than the forecast. Also, what has the weather been doing a few days leading up to your trip? That could determine if the trail will be wet, muddy or dry.
  • Simple stream crossings can become dangerous after heavy or sustained rains. If in doubt, turn around or do not cross.
  • Do research on the specific trail you will be hiking (distance, difficulty level, how long trip will take).
  • Tell somebody what specific trail you will be on and estimated time you will be back.
  • When choosing your hike you will want to match your physical ability with the difficulty of the hike itself.

Hiking Kauai Safely Video

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