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Kauai Sun Protection

Kauai Sun Protection

Many visitors to Kauai are not prepared for the sun. Being nearer to the equator, the sun is more intense on Kauai than in the continental United States, Europe, Japan etc. Moreover, the sun’s rays are even more intense when they reflect off the water. It’s easy to quickly get a sunburn on your first day out in Kauai, negatively affecting the rest of your trip. But a few simple precautions can help protect against the Kauai sun.

Take a look around at the residents who live on Kauai. Many have serious sun damage on their chests, arms, faces and elsewhere. The sun doesn’t mess around on Kauai, and neither should you. First, of course, wear protective waterproof sunscreen. Don’t forget to apply to the back of your neck too. Long sleeve shirts or long sleeve rashguards should be considered, along with wide brimmed hats, ball caps, boonie hats, bucket hats etc. There’s a reason the surfing companies sell a wide variety of hats – and that reason is the sun as much as it is for style.

Timing is another factor. Go to the beach in the morning and later in the evening, leaving the sunniest part of the afternoon for lunch and shopping. Schedule boat tours in the later afternoon, and you may get a nice sunset on the water too!

You’ll want to soak up the sun in Kauai, but not too much. A few proper sun precautions can insure your trip to Kauai is a pleasant and good one.

Hawaii Sunscreen Ban

Effective January 1, 2021, Hawaii is the first state in the United States to ban the sale of sunscreen containing the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate. The two chemicals have been identified as significant factors in coral reef destruction. Brands that use these chemicals include Banana Boat, Coppertone and Hawaiian Tropic, though these companies and others are introducing sunscreens to the market without these harmful chemicals.

The ban prohibits the distribution and sale of sunscreens that contain these chemicals. Visitors to Kauai can still bring and use sunscreens banned in Hawaii, but it is not recommended, as alternative sunscreens are becoming available. Search for Hawaii Approved Sunscreen.

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