Kauai Visitor Numbers Dip in September 2021

Kauai September 2021 Statistics

September is a month when visitor numbers to Kauai traditionally take a dip after the peak summer months, and 2021 was no exception.

According to the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) there were 77,313 visitors to Kauai in September 2021 (compared to 98,663 in August 2021 and a 2021 high of 115,946 in July). The 77,313 number for September 2021 is 17.3 percent lower than pre-pandemic September 2019 which saw 93,501 visitors. It appears that visitor numbers are cooling off a bit after a rush on the island in the summer of 2021.

The average length of stay was 8.09 days and the per person per day spending was $202.30, reports HTA. Per person per trip spending was $1636.20, more than $200 higher than pre-pandemic September 2019 at $1412.20.

The average daily census of visitors to Kauai for the month of September 2021 was 20,838, down almost 12,000 when compared to July 2021 at 32,682. The September 2021 number is about 5.1% lower than September 2019 (21,967).

September is always a good month to visit Kauai. Summer conditions are still in effect on Kauai and the island is noticeably less crowded. If the trend continues into the latter months of 2021, now might be a good time to visit the island if flights and accommodations can be arranged.



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