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Kauai Visitor Statistics July 2021

Kauai Visitor Statistics July 2021

We’ve been eagerly anticipating July’s visitor numbers to see if Kauai really is experiencing an unprecedented deluge of visitors, as some on the island are claiming. A look at July’s statistics show that is not the case.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) has released the visitor statistics for Kauai for July 2021. Similar to Kauai’s June 2021 statistics, the data shows that numbers still have not reached pre-pandemic 2019 levels.

There were 115,946 visitor arrivals to Kauai in July 2021, compared to 104,329 visitors in June 2021 and 140,834 in July 2019, reports HTA. (There were only 1,397 visitors to Kauai in July 2021.) The July 2021 number is almost 25,000 visitors less than pre-pandemic Kauai in July 2019. Likewise, total visitor days were also less in July 2021 compared to July 2019, at 980,469 vs. 1,041,220.

The average length of stay has increased slightly, from 7.39 days in July 2019 to 8.46 days in July 2021.

Per person per day spending is about the same, $193.3 in July 2021 compared to $193.1 in July 2019. However, per person per trip spending has increased significantly, from $1,427 in July 2019 to $1,634 in July 2021. (The increase might be attributed to the extra day on the average length of stay.)

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