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This is the beach at the very end of the road you’ve been searching for. Literally, Ke’e Beach is at the end of the last road in Kauai. It’s paradise found, at the edge where civilization and wilderness meet.

Many visitors to Kee Beach hang out near the lifeguard station and the protected lagoon, a popular spot for snorkeling. Hike farther down the beach and you might be the only person in sight. There is also a hidden part of Ke’e Beach that few visitors know about, and also an old caretaker’s cottage if you know where to look.

There is plenty of shade at Kee Beach when you want a break from the sun. Exposed tree roots at the back of the beach add an extra flair. Above the berm at the back of the beach is a lightly forested area with a trail. Use the trail to go farther down the beach if you don’t want to slog through the sand.

The famed Kalalau Trail begins at the western end of the beach. A ten minute hike up the first part of the trail reveals a great view of Ke’e Beach.

Unfortunately, a permit is now required to visit Kee Beach. (Click here for complete details.)

Restrooms, outdoor showers and water fountains are located near the entrance to Ke’e Beach. There are no restaurants or food stands so bring your own food and drinks. The beach is open during daylight hours. Lifeguards are present at the beach.

The beach is beautiful, but potentially dangerous. A sign at the entrance should be heeded: “DANGEROUS OCEAN CONDITIONS SUCH AS HIGH SURF, STRONG CURRENTS, SUDDEN DROP-OFFS, AND SHARP, SLIPPERY CORAL CAN CAUSE DANGEROUS SWIMMING CONDITIONS. USE CAUTION AND COMMON SENSE. CARELESSNESS HAS COST LIVES.” This sign doesn’t lie. More than a few have lost their lives at Ke’e Beach. Nevertheless, the beach boasts a protected sandy lagoon that is perfect for snorkeling and swimming, especially in the summer months when the waters are calmer.

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Tip: Walk down Ke’e Beach (to the right) and the Na Pali Coast comes into view (above photo).










Above and below: Ke’e Beach as seen from above on the Kalalau Trail.



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