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Kilauea Fish Market

Kilauea Fish Market

The unpretentious but acclaimed Kilauea Fish Market is our favorite place for seafood on the entire island of Kauai. Set at the back of the Kilauea Stone Building in Kilauea with only a covered patio for dining, this cozy fish deli offers the grilled fish of the day on lunch plates (with your choice of rice and mac salad) and a host of other delicious and healthy offerings including wraps, burritos, fish tacos, veggie plates and more! The grilled fish of the day plate is our favorite as the fish is fresh and not overly seasoned. Many visitors enjoy the ahi wraps, burritos and fish tacos as well.

The Kilauea Fish Market is open Monday through Saturday (closed on Sundays) from 11AM to 8PM. Our recommendation is to visit at lunch as they will sometimes run out of some offerings later in the day. The food is usually served within ten to fifteen minutes, but waits can reach 30 minutes during busy times. Visit the Kilauea Fish Market on your trip to the nearby Kilauea Lighthouse (closed on Sundays and Mondays) so plan your trip to this part of the island on a Tuesday through Saturday.

Kilauea Fish Market
4270 Kilauea Rd
Kilauea, HI 96754
(808) 828-6244

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Kilauea Fish Market Photos

The outdoor seating area.

The plate lunch special!

Kilauea Fish Market

Kilauea Fish Market

The sign on the door reads “due to short staffing we will be opening at 12:00 today.” Late openings, and early closings, due to staffing have been common at Kauai restaurants during the pandemic. Flexibility can be key for an enjoyable Kauai vacation.

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