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Pat’s Tacos Kauai

Pat’s Tacos Kauai

Please note Pat’s Tacos has moved to the parking lot at the Big Save Market in Hanalei, at the Ching Young Village Shopping Center.

Pat’s Tacos is a nondescript food truck that serves up highly addictive tacos and burritos to the surfer and beach crowd at Black Pot Beach Park near the Hanalei Pier. The plain white truck – actually a wagon – has a simple sombrero logo near the window and the words “Eat Tacos 12-3” stenciled on the side. There’s no need for fancy advertising when the food is as good as the view.

The Carne Asada tacos might be the best on the island, while their juicy Kalua Pork tacos and fish tacos aren’t far behind. Your selection is made harder with steak fajita burritos, grilled fresh fish burritos (with veggies and rice) and jalapeno cream cheese quesadillas also on the menu. Rice and beans are available as sides.

The location at beautiful Hanalei Bay can’t be beat, and neither can the convenience. There’s no need to leave the beach area when you have a great taco joint in the parking lot. All together, Pat’s adds a special treat to an already special location. After all, where else do Hawaii, surfing, food trucks and tacos all come together? Take advantage of it whenever you can.

Pat’s Taqueria
4997 Weke Rd
Hanalei, HI 96714
(Black Pot Beach parking lot)

Open daily 11:30AM – 3PM

Location at Google Maps
On the Web:

At Black Pot Beach Park

Pat's Tacos Kauai
At Big Save Grocery Store in Hanalei while repairs are made to Black Pot Beach Park.

Pat's Tacos Kauai

Pat’s Tacos tees and hats are also available.

Pat's Tacos Kauai

Pat's Tacos Kauai

Pat’s Fish Tacos!

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