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Permits to Be Available 90 Days in Advance for Kauai Camping and Lodging

Permits to Be Available 90 Days in Advance for Kauai Camping and Lodging

Effective March 15, 2022, all camping and lodging reservations for Hawaii State Park locations will be available 90 days in advance, rather than the current 30 days, reports the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR). The new regulation will apply to all camping and lodging opportunities Statewide, including for all locations on Kauai requiring permits. This includes day-use reservations and camping permits for the Kalalau Trail (Napali Coast State Wilderness Park).

The new 90 day window also apparently includes parking and shuttle reservations, though we have not confirmed at this time.

The new window will give Kauai visitors more flexibility when making travel arrangements to the island. Thirty days is a short time period to plan for a Kauai visit, as many preferred flights and lodgings sell out months in advance. The expanded window will also provide more advance notice of the availability of permits. Many permits sell out within seconds or minutes of the time frame due to high demand for permits, leaving many without permits for their planned trips. It’s not unusual for those seeking permits to wake up in the middle of the night to be online at midnight (Hawaii Time) 30 days out from their planned visits (90 days starting March 15) to secure reservations.

Due to emergency orders, closures, and extended uncertainty introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic, DLNR had previously kept the reservation period to a minimum (30 days) in case of future closures or protocols. Now that the COVID-19 situation is easing, DLNR has decided to push that reservation period out to allow for better planning and preparation. DLNR also stated that future adjustments are possible.

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