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Pink’s Creamery Kauai

Pink’s Creamery Kauai

It’s called Pink’s Creamery but it could very well be called Pink’s Grilled Cheese Sandwiches…

For eating out in Hanalei it doesn’t get much better than this, especially if you’re traveling with the kiddos (keikis). This really cool place cheerfully serves up two of our favorite comfort foods – grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream. The grilled cheese sandwiches are made with Muenster cheese, and that’s how we’ll be making our grilled cheese sandwiches from now on. The “Mainlander” comes with just bread and cheese, like you’d make back on the mainland. But you can also order it Hawaiian style, with delicious pulled pork and pineapple. The food is heartwarming and the prices are economical, especially compared to some of the area restaurants with “tourist” prices. The owners tell the story of an extended family with ten kids that ate at Pink’s three times a day during their stay in Hanalei.

Pink’s is located in the little shopping center across the street from the Kalypso Island Bar and Grill.

Pink’s Creamery
4489 Aku Rd
Hanalei, HI 96714
(818) 824-9134

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