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Puka Dog Kauai

Puka Dog Kauai

As seen on the Travel Channel, Puka Dog is world famous for their Hawaiian-style hot dogs.

Puka Dogs, if you’re not already familiar, are Polish sausages (or veggie dogs) slipped into almost fully enclosed fresh-baked buns and slathered with your choice of secret sauces and relishes. (They are not corndogs as some people believe.) Customers can choose from original, spicy, hot and lava garlic lemon secret sauces and six tropical relishes, including mango, pineapple and papaya (puka dogs can also be ordered with traditional toppings such as ketchup, mustard and sweet pickle relish). Wash it all down with their fresh-squeezed lemonade to complete a unique and delicious vacation meal.

Puka Dog has had various locations over the years. Currently they can be found at Brennecke’s Beach Deli across from Poipu Beach.

Puka Dog
2100 Hoone Rd
Poipu, HI 96756


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