SOS in Sand Leads to Rescue at Kalalau Beach

Kalalau Beach Kauai

A Montana woman in distress at Kalalau Beach on the island of Kauai was rescued after first responders saw an SOS written on the sand and persons on the beach waving.

According to a preliminary report, first responders received a report at approximately 9 AM on the morning of September 20th, 2021 of a female hiker in distress at Kalalau Beach, reports the County of Kauai.

Crews with the Hanalei fire station, Rescue 3 aboard Air 1, and American Medical Response responded to the incident.

At 9:30 AM, Rescue 3 aboard Air 1 was en route to Kalalau Beach. Shortly after, first responders landed at the beach and campsite and could not locate the distressed hiker. After nearly an hour of searching and speaking with other hikers, first responders could not locate the Montana visitor. Dispatch relayed a new set of coordinates for the visitor. However, Air 1 needed to be refueled at Lihue Airport.

At 11:15 AM, Rescue 3 aboard Air 1 continued their search and located an “SOS” written in the sand and persons on the beach waving for help. First responders found the hiker who needed assistance out of the campsite. The hiker was loaded onto Air 1 and transported to awaiting firefighters and personnel from American Medical Response. Medics with AMR took over the incident and released firefighters from the scene. The status of the hiker is unknown at this time.

Kauai’s Kalalau Beach can only be reached by kayak or hiking the 11-mile Kalalau Trail, one of the most difficult trails in Hawaii and known as one of the most dangerous in the world.

SOURCE: County of Kauai


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