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About Kauai Travel Blog

About Kauai Travel Blog

Our Kauai Travel Blog is an online resource for people traveling to the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai. The blog features in-depth information about Kauai’s beaches, hiking trails, points of interest, attractions, activities, events, restaurants, lodging and more. Information includes:

Our mission is to help you to plan and achieve a memorable Kauai dream vacation. Begin your Kauai journey here with our wealth of knowledge, expert advice and insider tips.

Writers Behind Kauai Travel Blog

Sky Andrade

Skye Andrade Aloha

I’m a 6th-generation Kauai-born local girl. I work as a realtor and specialize in helping community heroes buy and sell homes on Kauai through the Homes for Heroes program. I live on the south side of the island with my wife Jennifer, who is a community hero herself, my son Odin, and many fur babies. 

Skye at Polihale Beach

After high school, we moved to the mainland and lived all over the country, from Florida to Washington State and all over southern California. We finally moved back home to Kauai in 2021 to raise our son and are continually dedicated to helping the community of Kauai thrive through various volunteer and community outreach programs. 

Debra Bowyer

Debra Bowyer

I moved to Kauai in October 2019 to the central location of Lihue, down at the beautiful beach of Kalapaki. I came here from WA state as a nature-loving hiker and long-distance running competitor. The first thing I did was continue my training along the beach, the ocean golf course, and the lagoons up at the Marriott.

I entered my first 5k in November and surprisingly took first place in my age group. I am still a runner to this day, but I changed to being a sprinter in the 100, 200, and 400 meters. Next will be the Kauai marathon in a couple of years.

The very second thing I did here in October was become a volunteer for the NOAA Hawaiian Monk Seal response team. This allowed me to learn about Hawaiian sea creatures and educate the tourists on our endangered monk seals.

I worked a seasonal holiday job as a UPS driver’s helper with a route in Kapaa and got to know the whole area of Kapaa. Then, I got a job with a car rental agency at the airport, which led me to really get into hiking to help answer tourist questions. I eventually met other hikers and spent years since then hiking everywhere. 

Debra Bowyer

I’ve recently changed my hikes from Kokee (Waimea Canyon) to finding the hidden beaches that have no trail and are not even on Google. I am absolutely amazed by these beautiful beaches and sea creatures that feel safe in these remote places. I’ve also helped the Kauai Animal Shelter with fostering kittens and ended up adopting them. I am now a donating member and take their dogs out for a day.

I am in no hurry to stop exploring, hiking, running, or learning about the beauty of nature here and the history and protection of our sea creatures. Moving to Kauai from Washington was the best decision I’ve ever made. Life is truly paradise on a daily basis.

LeeAnn Read

LeeAnn Reed

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, my family moved to Portland, Oregon, when I was two, and the ocean stole my heart. I was married in 2012, and our honeymoon took me to Hawaii for the first time.  I fell in love with the beauty and the culture.  

We continued to visit over the next 11 years. Each time we visited, we found more to fall in love with. In 2016, we attempted to sell our home and make the move. It wasn’t in the cards for us at that time, so we continued to come for visits.  

Our first Kauai visit was in 2015, and it was amazing. The people were kind, and we knew it would someday be our home. A year ago, we decided we wanted to share our experience with my parents. For their 50th wedding anniversary, we brought them to Hawaii and spent most of our time on Kauai showing them all the glory it offers.  

When we came home my husband and I said it was time. The housing market was still booming, we made the needed renovations, and it sold in less than 24 hours. One of our dearest friends with his family had recently moved to Kauai, and while visiting they mentioned they knew of an apartment we could rent. So we packed up our lives and moved to Kauai in November. We sometimes feel a little homesick for our family and friends, but the life we lead here is low stress, lots of sun, and I never tire of those views!

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