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Hanapepe Town Kauai

Hanapepe Town Kauai

Hanapepe town is a quaint and historic town in western Kauai that feels a little like an Old West town in the continental United States. In fact, during the day, Hanapepe feels a little too quaint and a little too much like a deserted Old West town. But on Friday nights the town comes alive with live music, food trucks, artists and art galleries, charming shops and assorted vendors during the weekly Hanapepe Art Night (6-9PM). On Thursdays, Hanapepe hosts a farmers market from 3-4PM.

Hanapepe is considered the art capital of Kauai. Some of the island’s best artists and galleries can be found in Hanapepe. Talk Story Bookstore, the “westernmost book store in the United States,” can also be found here.

The sleepy town’s historic buildings give the place an authentic charm, so much so that Hanapepe has been used as a location or inspiration for films such as Lilo and Stitch, Flight of the Intruder, and The Thornbirds.

The Hanapepe Swinging Bridge is a favorite attraction in Hanapepe and is the subject of many Kauai travel photos.

The best time to visit Hanapepe is on Friday evenings during Art Night. Hanapepe is on the West side of Kauai and is convenient to Poipu and Waimea. If you’re staying in Lihue or the North Shore, plan a visit to Waimea Canyon on Friday so that you can hit Hanapepe Art Night on the way back.

Hanapepe Town Photos


The historic Aloha Theater.


Above: The Hanapepe Swinging Bridge

Above and below: Hanapepe Art Night