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Koloa Town Kauai

Koloa Town Kauai

Old Koloa Town, Kauai is a charming town located near Poipu that was the site of the first major sugar mill in the Hawaiian islands. Central to Koloa is a quaint main street that offers a number of shops and food services to tourists and locals. The town, which retains its sugar mill charm, has pizza, ice cream, fine art, souvenirs, a surf shop, singing crystal bowls, a grocery store and more. Nearby is the Kauai Tree Tunnel on State Hwy 520, a must-see and the best way to get to Koloa from Lihue.

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Koloa Town Photos





Above and below: Koloa Mill Ice Cream and Coffee is a favorite.




Above: Progressive Expressions Surf Shop


Above: Surfing trophies at Progressive Expressions Surf Shop


Above and below: Popular Pizzetta served specialty pizzas and daily lunch specials. Unfortunately, the establishment has closed permanently due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Above and below: Sueoka’s Market in Koloa Town.


For over a century, three generations of the Sueoka family ran the market before selling it to ABC Stores in 2019. But despite the sale, the market still retains its traditional charm.

Above: The food truck court in Old Koloa Town is on the site of the original Old Sugar Mill of Koloa, the first successful sugarcane plantation in Hawaii. The foundations and a stone chimney from 1840 are all that remain.

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