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Woman Drowns at Queen’s Bath

Woman Drowns at Queen’s Bath

The search for a missing woman in waters off Queen’s Bath in Princeville was suspended Saturday afternoon following a three-day, multi-agency effort.

Yayun Cheng, age 23, of California is being reported as Kauai’s seventh drowning for 2018.

According to a preliminary report, Cheng was attempting to climb the rocks near the area known as Queen’s Bath shortly before noon on December 5th, 2018, when a wave came up and swept her out to sea. She was last seen unresponsive in the water.

Cheng could not be located despite a three-day air, land, and sea-based search with a team of rescuers including Kauai firefighters, lifeguards, police and the U.S. Coast Guard.

A gate has been installed at the trailhead to Queen’s Bath. The gate was locked on the 5th due to high surf conditions, however, visitors can easily walk around the fence to gain access. Queen’s Bath is a unique but dangerous place, and is particularly dangerous during winter months when the surf is more severe. Extreme caution should always be observed at Queen’s Bath, even when the gate is open.

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