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Anahola Beach

Anahola Beach

Anahola Beach is a favorite beach and hangout on the east shore of Kauai that is popular with local families.

The expansive beach has something for everyone, including surfing (on the north end), body boarding, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, camping and picnicking. Anahola Beach is a nice place to hang out and relax, with plenty of shade available and a beautiful view of the Kalalea Mountains for scenery.

An outlying reef protects the beach from stronger surf. Caution is urged at the mouth of the Anahola River where strong currents could be present.

Despite the beauty and calm waters, few tourists make their way to Anahola Beach Park. Tourists who do make the trip could feel somewhat out of place among the local residents.

Anahola Beach

Overnight camping is allowed at Anahola Beach Park. The park is approximately 1.5 acres and has a comfort station, cold showers, picnic tables and lifeguards from 9AM to 5PM daily. The campground closes every Thursday at 10AM for maintenance and reopens at 12PM every Friday.

Kuma Camp at Anahola Beach is a popular destination for families. The camp features higher-end camping with Tentalows outfitted with twin or queen size beds and hot showers.

Anahola Road will take you to the main part of the beach and Anahola Beach Park. Aliomanu Road will take you to the upper (north) end of the beach near the mouth of the Anahola River. Here you will find plenty of shade and plenty of space to park your vehicle with a view overlooking the beach.

King Kong Mountain

Kalalea (King Kong) Mountain provides a dramatic backdrop to the beach.

Anahola Beach truck
Anahola Beach concrete

Concrete foundations are all that’s left of the Anahola Pier.

Anahola Beach debris

The east (main) section of the beach is a favorite spot for families, picnics and camping.

Anahola Beach parking
Beach van life

Van life at Anahola! It doesn’t get much better than this.

Walking Anahola Beach

There’s plenty of sand at the mouth of the Anahola River. The river divides the beach into two distinct sections.

Surfboard tied to tree

This is the north, less-visited side of the beach.

Anahola Beach Park

The north part of the beach is a favorite place for visitors to park and take in the ocean view.

Anahola boats
Anahola Beach Park northern side

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