Anini Beach

Anini Beach

Anini Beach is a tranquil, semi-secluded stretch of beach on the North Shore of Kauai. It offers water activities like swimming, paddleboarding, snorkeling and windsurfing. If you’re seeking a picturesque beach to sit and relax or perhaps take a dip in the water or a stroll, then Anini is the place for you.

A large reef protects the beach from large waves, making Anini a perfect spot for inexperienced swimmers and kids. Clear and warm waters make for a perfect snorkeling spot. And a steady breeze makes Anini Beach a favorite for windsurfers.

Anini Beach view from left

Camping is a popular activity at Anini. You will often see tents set up in the trees and open areas along the beach, especially near the public facilities. The beach is also a popular spot for local family gatherings and group outings. You can find picnic tables close by, so bring a lunch or snack before or after heading for a swim.

Reportedly, the beach used to be called Wanini but the W fell off the sign and apparently it was easier just to go with the new name.

Anini Beach clear waters

How To Get To Anini Beach

The road to Anini can be easy to miss. When approaching from the south (Kapaa) on Anini Road, it’s the first right after the big concrete bridge at Kalihiwai. You will also see the Anini Beach Park campground further up ahead.

The almost two-mile-long beach is near the tourist community of Princeville, though it generally takes a car ride to get there. With no hotels at the beach, and a limited number of vacation rental houses, there’s enough beach for everyone.

Snorkeling At Anini Beach

Snorkeling at Anini Beach

Snorkeling is a favorite activity at Anini. The reef protects almost the entire beach from large waves, creating a tranquil zone that is a favorite for families throughout the year. Also, the water is generally shallow near the shore, providing opportunities to get in the water that are lacking at some other Kauai beaches. The best place to go snorkeling at Anini is close to the parking area, before the bathrooms. In terms of marine life, you might be able to see a few sea turtles and colorful fish.

Rocks in water

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More Anini Beach Photos

More rocks in water

Above and below: The crystal clear water of Anini.

Rocks on land
Anini Beach picnic table

Above: There’s plenty of picnic benches at Anini.

Camping at Anini Beach

Above: Camping is a favorite activity for many Anini visitors.

Windsurfing at Anini

Above: Windsurfing at Anini.

Picnic Pavilon

Above: Picnic pavilions.

Bathrooms at Anini

Above: There are several public facilities at Anini.

Anini Beach Parking Lot
Side parking

Above: Anini Beach is almost two miles long. There are many places to pull over and park right next to the beach.

Anini Road
Vacation Rentals near Anini

Above: Except for camping, vacation rentals are the only option for staying at this beach.

Looking inland from beach

Above: Looking inland from the beach.


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