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Secret Beach Kauai

Secret Beach Kauai

Secret Beach (officially Kauapea Beach) is a hidden treasure on the north shore of Kauai known for its seclusion, large expanse (3,000 feet long and 75 feet wide) and views of the Kilauea Point Lighthouse.

Aptly named, the beach can only be reached via a 10-15 minute hike down a somewhat slippery trail. Intense colors at the beach, including golden sands, turquoise waters, red rocks and lush greens, provide a dramatic setting.

Secret Beach

There’s more than enough beach for everyone at Secret Beach. Locals like to picnic near the trail head. Tourists like to walk the beach. The far end of the beach, nearest the lighthouse, is sometimes found to be clothing optional.

People looking for their own private stretch of gorgeous Hawaiian beach will find it here. Peace and solitude can be found here and in fact we often see people meditating at the beach.

Most visitors to Secret Beach either stay near the trail head or wander down to the right (south) of the beach. Go left, across the rocks, and you will find a beautiful lagoon. And farther down you will find the place known as Dragon’s Breath.

There are no lifeguards, restrooms or other facilities at the beach. Bring everything you will need for your stay at the beach, including sunscreen, liquids and food and don’t leave anything behind when you leave. It’s best to stay on the beach as the waters can be rough.

Where To Find Secret Beach

Secret Beach is on Kauai’s North Shore past the town of Kilauea. Though the beach is visible from the lighthouse, you will have an impossible time getting to the beach from that area. From Kilauea, head north on Kuhio Highway for about a mile towards Hanalei.

Take the first right which is Kalihiwai Road. Once on that road, take the first right onto a red dirt road (this is Secret Beach Road but it is not marked).

This dirt road is about 500 feet from Kuhio Highway. Follow the dirt road for about a half mile to the end of the road. Park on the side of the road. At the end of the road there is a large, Polynesian-style house. The path to Secret Beach is to the left of the Polynesian-style house.

Polynesian house

The path to the beach is to the left of the house and takes about 10 to 15 minutes. It is somewhat steep and can be muddy after rains. Be careful, there are plenty of roots and rocks to trip over.

Secret Beach Photos

Start of road

Take this dirt road from Kalihiwai Road.

Fruit stand

There may be a fruit stand on the left.

Geodesic dome structure

…and a Geodesic dome structure.

Dirt road parking

Park along this dirt road.

Start of trail
Hiking The Secret Beach trail

Bring everything you’ll need at the beach. You will not want to make a second trip back up the steep path.

Secret Beach trail
Secret Beach
Walking along Secret Beach
Secret Beach cliff

The “natural shower” is found in a cliff overhang. Some people use the spring to rinse off. Others, like the man in the following photos, collect the water for natural drinking water.

Secret Beach natural shower
Secret Beach footsteps

The far end of Secret Beach is known for being clothing optional, and indeed that is true.

Secret Beach rocks
Secret Beach lighthouse

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