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Kaluapuhi Trail

Kaluapuhi Trail

Starting near the Kalalau Lookout and heading inland, this easy forest trail features ohia trees and the occasional redwood tree along with birdwatching opportunities.

The Kaluapuhi Trail is actually more of a nature walk than a trail. The trail is generally well-defined and relatively flat with no sharp drop-offs or other potentially dangerous areas like some other Kokee-area trails. It is the perfect jaunt for families with young children, people with bad knees or other mobility issues, or people who just like a good nature walk.

Kaluapuhi Trail

Why you should do it: Easy nature walk near the Kalalau Lookout has forest views and the occasional redwood tree.
 1.6 miles / 2.6 kilometers
Difficulty: Easy
Area: Kokee State Park

Interestingly, there are a few redwood trees that can be found along the trail. Look for them on your right on the first part of the trail (when you start the trail from Kokee Road past the Kalalau Lookout).

Birds that can be seen or heard along the trail include the Japanese White-eye and Apapane.

There are two trail heads for Kaluapuhi Trail, both on Kokee Road. The first trail head is on the right past the Awaawapuhi Trail parking area. Follow the road for a short distance from the parking area to the trail head. The other trail head is on Kokee Road shortly past the Kalalau Lookout (also on the right). There is a sign and very limited parking along the narrow shoulder here.

Kaluapuhi Trail

Since the trail begins or ends on the road you can turn this into a loop by hiking the trail, then following the road back to your starting point. Be careful if taking the road back as it is a very narrow two lane road with a narrow shoulder and curves that can limit visibility. Due to these factors we feel it’s probably best just to return on the trail.

Kaluapuhi Trail

Nearby are some of the most spectacular trails in the world, including the Kalepa Ridge Trail, the Pihea Trail and the Awaawapuhi Trail, but if you’re just looking for a simple nature walk in the trees for whatever reason then check out the Kaluapuhi Trail.

Kaluapuhi Trail Google Map

Location at Google Maps (Trail not marked on map. We have marked the general path of the trail on the image below.)

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