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Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees Kauai

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees Kauai

Even the trees have rainbows in Kauai! Colorful rainbow eucalyptus trees can be seen at the Keahua Arboretum. The trees get their rainbow colors when patches of bark shed at different times of the year, then darken and mature into shades of green, orange, red and other colors. The trees, native to the Philippine island of Mindanao, were imported to Hawaii in the 1920s to aid in reforestation and to control soil erosion. The trees can grow to over 200 feet tall.

Rainbow eucalyptus trees can also be found in some spots on the road to the Keahua Arboretum (580), but most are located on private property. There are also rainbow eucalyptus trees in Princeville along the walk/jog path that runs adjacent to Ka Haku Road.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree Photos





Keahua Arboretum

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