Stacking Stones at Hanakapiai Beach

Stacked stones add an almost zen-like aura to Hanakapiai Beach. The question is often asked why the stones are stacked. For the most part, the stones are stacked by visitors who see the stacked stones and decide to stack some stones for themselves. Others believe that stacking stones will make a wish come true. However, some locals see the stone stacking as a desecration to the natural beauty of the island and a sacrilege to Pele. They believe that displacing stones disrupts Pele’s natural spiritual energy by moving the stones from their natural state. And some conservationists see the practice as a violation of the Leave No Trace ethic. Respect for the island’s culture and the Leave No Trace ethic are reasons why we don’t stack stones when we visit Hawaii beaches. With plenty of stones and a steady stream of visitors to Hanakapiai Beach, the practice isn’t going away anytime soon. But we encourage visitors to enjoy the natural, unique beauty of Hanakapiai Beach without stacking stones. Besides, there’s plenty of other things to enjoy at the beach!







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