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Kealia Beach

Kealia Beach

Kealia Beach is one of the best surf spots on the island of Kauai! Kealia Beach is a popular beach just north of the town of Kapaa, Kauai. The beach is especially popular with Kapaa locals where you will find them hanging out, cooking out, surfing, sunbathing and watching the waves.

The Kapaa Bike Path runs behind the beach, adding to the mix with an endless stream of passersby on foot and bike. Even the parking lot is popular, a nice place to pull up and take in the views. But despite all the activities, Kealia Beach never feels crowded and there is more than enough beach for everyone.

Kealia Beach Rock

The beach is about a half mile long, with the southern section more popular with experienced surfers and the milder, northern part more popular with tourists. With strong, consistent waves that break at just about the right distance from the shore for recreational surfing, Kealia Beach (in our opinion) is one of the best places on Kauai to surf, bodyboard and skimboard. Many surf schools in Kauai use the waters.

Surfing at Kealia Beach

The consistent winds do play a factor, and waves are often a mix of both wind and ocean swells. (If you would rather have your waves less about the wind and more about ocean swells then head north to Kalihiwai Beach or Rock Quarry Beach. Overall though, if you’re finding the waves less than adequate at other Kauai beaches, head over to Kealia and you probably won’t be disappointed.

Kealia Beach

The waves can be quite strong at Kealia, so exercise caution. Offshore, the bottom is a mix of rocky areas and sandy areas so watch out! The beach is under the watchful eye of lifeguards who make their presence known here more than at some of the other beaches because of the mix of people and strong waves.

Kealia Beach footprints

Amenities at the beach include picnic tables, restrooms and showers.

Kealia Beach

The northern section of Kealia Beach is favored by families with kids.

Families at Kealia Beach

Young people love Kealia for its surfing and bodyboarding opportunities.

Bodyboarding at Kealia Beach

The beach is a favorite hangout for local residents.

Dog at Kealia Beach

Located near Kauai’s largest town of Kapaa, Kealia Beach sees a variety of people, and pets, enjoying the area.

The Kealia Scenic Viewpoint affords great views of Kealia Beach on one side and Kauai’s East Side “Coconut Coast” on the other. On clear days, which is most days, you can see all the way to Lihue and beyond.

Kealia Overlook

During winter months the viewpoint is one of the best places (on land) to watch migrating whales. The viewpoint is a short distance from Kapaa and is on the main highway (56) heading north towards Kilauea and Hanalei. Below the viewpoint is the Kauai Bike Path. You’ll want to pack your binoculars for your trip to Kauai for this stop alone.

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