Baby Beach Kapaa

Conveniently located in Kapaa, Baby Beach (aka Fuji Beach) is a popular destination for locals as a place to unwind and relax, for families and their children for a place to play, for fisherman to enjoy shoreline fishing, for early risers to watch the sunrise and for cyclists and pedestrians on the adjacent Kapaa Bike Path. We often see local residents parked at the beach with the windows down enjoying the views and fresh air. Some are on their lunch breaks, others are retirees just looking for a place to “get out of the house.”

It’s called Baby Beach because it is a small (baby) beach, but we always see babies and young children with their families at the beach so it is aptly named either way. An offshore reef/wall breaks the surf which usually provides a calm area for children to swim (though caution should be urged at all times).

When you’re in Kapaa and need a convenient beach fix, the small sliver of beach known as Baby Beach is the place to go for fresh ocean air, cool sand, warm waters and relaxing times!

Please note there is also a Baby Beach in Poipu, Kauai.

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Baby Beach Kapaa Photos

Baby Beach Kapaa

Baby Beach Kapaa

The Kapaa Bike Path runs behind Baby Beach.

Baby Beach Kapaa

Parking is conveniently located at the beach. It is a place where you can drive right up and have a nice ocean view with a nice ocean breeze.


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