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Hawaii Gaga

Hawaii Gaga

Hawaii Gaga is a vacation rental directory where travelers can find vacation rentals and condos across the Hawaiian islands. We’ve found their listings to be quite helpful as they include ratings for each listing along with the average price per night. 

Each of their listing descriptions covers useful information about the accommodations, including the number of rooms, amenities, square footage, and nearby attractions. They also analyze the guest reviews for each condo and come up with a summary analysis of what you can expect when staying there from the pros to the cons and in between. So, they do an excellent job of giving you a look into what the general sentiment is for each place. You can look at HawaiiGaga condo’s page for an amazing selection of condos in Kauai. 

Along with guides on condos, the website also publishes helpful travel guides across all the different islands of Hawaii and not just Kauai. Since 2008, Hawaii Gaga has been helping travelers find places to stay in Hawaii. It’s not always easy finding somewhere to stay on the island, especially with the availability of places but they make it simpler. 

One thing they really stand out in is that they only include licensed vacation rentals, so you don’t need to worry about any shady listings. They also take their listing descriptions serious, where they ensure that if something is listed as beachfront it truly is in front of the beach and that views are always accurate. 

Hawaii Gaga Aerial Photo

They also use aerial photos they take themselves so you can get a general idea of the area around the condo as well as an in-depth and clear look at where you will be staying. They’re not a booking portal, so each of their listings has a link taking you to where you can reserve the accommodations. 

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