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Lihue Airport Kauai

Lihue Airport Kauai

Lihue Airport Codes


Lihue Airport (LIH), in Lihue, Kauai is the gateway to the Garden Island for most tourists.

You’ll know you’re in an island paradise as soon as your plane approaches the airport. Flying in, you’ll see the rugged southern Kauai coastline followed by Nawiliwili Harbor on your left. As the plane descends further the signature greenery of the “Garden Island” becomes more prominent (sit on the left side of the plane for the best view, on most flights). The island’s warm and humid tropical air will be the first to greet you as you get off the plane. And once you make it to baggage claim you will be pleasantly surprised to see it is open to the outside.

Many if not most visitors to Kauai rent a car and there are several rental car companies at the airport. After retrieving your luggage just step outside and walk across the street to the car rental shuttles pavilion. A very short shuttle ride will take you to your rental car company.  (The airport is also serviced by taxis, various shuttles and Kauai County buses.)

There are a few shops at the airport including the Newstand, the Flower Shop, and Travel Traders. Food choices include Starbucks Coffee, the HMS Host cafe and adjacent Mea Inu Bar and Grill. The cafe offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a variety of sandwiches, snacks, burgers and more.

The airport has two 6,500 foot runways and eight gates.

Lihue Airport Tips

  • Kauai activity pamphlets and visitor guides can be found in the baggage claim area.
  • There are restrooms in the baggage claim area.
  • Check-in is open to the outside.
  • The TSA security checkpoint is also open to the outside, and it can get hot and humid in the line so dress accordingly.
  • The main TSA security checkpoint is in the middle of the terminal. There are two other security checkpoints, one at each end of the building, that are sometimes open. If the main security checkpoint has a long line, inquire if the other checkpoints are open.
  • There are also agricultural inspection checkpoints to check for prohibited fruits and plants (enforced to prevent the spread of fruit flies, plant insects and plant diseases).
  • The departure lounges have very limited phone charging options (plugs) so plan accordingly.
  • The departure lounges can get crowded with some people sitting on the floor.

Lihue Airport Address and Phone Number

Lihue Airport
3901 Mokulele Loop
Lihue, HI 96766
(808) 274-3800

Location at Google Maps

Lihue Airport Terminal Map

Lihue Airport Map

Lihue Airport Photos

Lihue Airport baggage claims area.


Everyone’s favorite sign – Welcome to Kauai! This is the exit at the baggage claim area. Walk outside and go across the street to the car rental shuttles pavilion where you can catch a shuttle to your rental car company.


The building on the left is where you catch a shuttle to your rental car company. The rental cars are on site a short distance away.


After the security checkpoint.


The general lobby area of the airport after the security checkpoint.


Wall art depicts the geology of Kauai.



Above and below: The HMS Host Restaurant has a hot food counter as well as pre-packaged sandwiches, salads, fruit, soft drinks, bottled water and snacks. The hot food counter food is actually pretty good in our opinion, but our recommendation is to eat before going to the airport.



The burgers are delicious here!


The corridor to the gates.


There are exhibits in the corridors.

Flying in to Lihue Airport

You will see Kauai’s rugged southern coastline first when flying in to Kauai.

Flying in to Lihue Airport

Nawiliwili Harbor is next.

Flying in to Lihue Airport

After Nawiliwili Harbor the plane makes its final approach.

Lihue Airport Property

A unique view of the Lihue Airport property near the Ninini Point Lighthouse.

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