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Waioli Beach

Waioli Beach

Waioli Beach Park is a distinct section of the beach at Hanalei Bay known for its Ironwood trees, green grass and surf culture. Also known as Pine Trees Beach, this is where Andy Irons and his brother learned to surf, and the beach continues to attract the local surfer crowd. Tributes to the late Andy Irons can be found at the beach, including a mural on the beach’s facilities.

With its park-like setting and plenty of shade, Waioli Beach is a favorite local hangout. There are picnic tables, benches and volleyball courts at the park, along with restrooms, lifeguards and parking. The waves are generally larger at Waioli Beach Park than other parts of the beach at Hanalei Bay. Intermediate to experienced surfers will appreciate the waves at Waioli Beach, especially in the winter months, while beginners should stick to the area near the Hanalei Pier.

The beach is located in the middle of Hanalei Bay. To visit, you can stroll down the beach from the Hanalei Pier, or you can park at one of two parking lots. One parking lot is located at the end of Hee Road and a smaller parking lot is located at the end of Anae Road.


The Ironwood trees are a favorite hangout place.


The beach park is a popular location for various outdoor events.

Waioli Beach

The Andy Irons mural.

Waioli Beach

There are plenty of picnic tables at the beach.


Beach volleyball is a favorite activity at the beach.

Waioli Beach

Oceanfront parking can be found at the beach. More than a few visitors just sit in their vehicles to relax and take in the setting.

Waioli Beach

A most beautiful spot can be found at the mouth of the Waioli Stream at Hanalei Bay. The spot is located at the opposite end of Hanalei Bay from the Hanalei Pier area, but it has some of the same attributes including an extended sandy beach that makes for a wonderful beach playground.

Waioli Stream

Unlike the Hanalei Pier end though, the area sees more local residents and less tourists. If you’re a visitor to Hanalei Bay, a stroll down the beach from the Hanalei Pier or Waioli Beach Park to the Waioli Stream area is certainly worth the time.

To visit the Waioli Stream area park at the parking area at Waioli Beach Park on Hee Road. There are also smaller parking areas at the end of Amaama Road and Anae Road.

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