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Princeville Ranch Zipline Adventures

Princeville Ranch Zipline Adventures

Princeville Ranch is no longer offering zipline tour. Visit our guide for a large selection of zipline tours.

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At Princeville Ranch Adventures you can zoom over Kauai’s lush landscape on a course of nine ziplines, the last one being an epic zipline called King Kong.

(Princeville Ranch Adventures also offers a number of other exciting opportunities, including horseback riding, waterfall excursions, kayaking and a dramatic jungle suspension bridge.)

Kauai Travel Blog recently took Princeville Ranch’s Zip Express tour which includes the nine zip lines and the suspension bridge. The tour was safe, professional, exciting and beautiful.

We checked in at the storefront near Princeville where we signed our life away and were fitted for our gear. Our affable and funny tour guides made the safety brief almost tolerable.

Soon enough we boarded a van for the trip to the course. The actual Princeville Ranch is near the Princeville Airport. The ranch has incredible views of Kauai’s interior mountains.

Participants walk/hike from course to course. The entire distance of hiking is approximately one mile. A bottle of water and sun repellent are highly recommended. The entire experience takes about three and a half hours.

The zip lines start out relatively small and become more substantial. During the course, participants learn the ins-and-outs of ziplining, including how to hold the harness attachment to stay straight (or spin around).

Safety is evident from the start. The tour guides are professional and the gear and platforms are secure and sturdy. Participants are hooked to the zip lines with two attachment points.

Individuals with a fear of heights should not attempt this course. In addition to the zip lines over valleys and rivers, the suspension bridge would also be a concern for those with such fears. (Participants are hooked to a safety line while crossing the bridge.)

The finale is King Kong, a dramatic two-line (side-by-side), 1,200 foot ride where you can race your partner, or perhaps hold hands, across a lush jungle valley.

The instructors take photos along the way and a thumb drive with the day’s photos is available back at the storefront.

Overall the entire experience is fun and exhilarating. The professional staff and sturdy gear alleviates any concerns about safety. The zipline tour is highly recommended by Kauai Travel Blog. except for those with a fear of heights. If you’re on Kauai’s North Shore, there’s no reason (except for variety) to travel to another part of the island for ziplining.

Princeville Ranch Adventures Zipline Photos

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