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Blue Room Cave Kauai

Blue Room Cave Kauai

Near the end of the road at Ke’e Beach lies a cave with waters that glow blue in a certain sunlight. Known as the “Blue Room Cave,” this cave is one of Kauai’s most magical creations. In fact, the cave, officially known as the Waikapalae Wet Cave, is associated with a Hawaiian mo’o goddess, a shapeshifting maiden of the deep. The cave was featured in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strangers Tides as the legendary Fountain of Youth (see video below). The former sea cave was created when ocean levels were higher.

There are two well-known caves on the drive to Ke’e Beach, the “Dry Cave” across from Haena Beach Park and the “Wet Cave” near Ke’e Beach. Both are on the side of the road and very easy to find. The “Blue Room Cave” is lesser-known, but is still easy to find. The cave is near the Wet Cave and about a hundred yards from the road.

The trail to the cave starts across the street from the Ke’e Beach overflow parking (see photos below). The trail is wide and goes up a slight incline. Just follow the path until you see the sign in the photos below.

There are two sections to the cave. At the back of the main room of the cave is an opening to the actual “Blue Room.” In this grotto the waters will sometimes glow blue if the sunlight hits it just right (when the sun is shining from the north, so it is said). The blue glow comes from the sunlight reflecting off the calcite rocks in the cave.

Extreme caution is urged if you go in the water, and even more caution is urged if you go into the “Blue Room.” In addition to typical hazards found in caves with water, there is the possible presence of the bacteria leptospirosis in the water. And if the water hazards or the leptospirosis don’t get you, the shapeshifting maiden of the deep may. (We’re only half kidding, but there are many folktales of people who have met mysterious demises at the supposed hands of angry Hawaiian gods.) Our advice, look into the cave from the entrance but don’t go inside.

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Blue Room Cave Photos


Above: The trail to the “Blue Room” cave starts across the street from the Ke’e Beach parking lot (now paved, and with advance reservations required to access this area).



Above: The trail goes up a slight incline. You may see a campfire spot.



Above: After a short walk you will see a sign near the entrance to the cave. The sign encourages visitors to show “HO’IHI’ (to treat with respect as sacred or holy).

Above: Overlooking the entrance to the cave.


Above: Vines and roots hang down from the cliff over the cave.

Blue Room Cave

Blue Room Cave


Above: A panoramic photo of the entrance of the cave.

Waikapalae Wet Cave


Above: The Blue Room Cave can be seen near the end of this video as the Fountain of Youth.

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