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Waimea Swinging Bridge

Waimea Swinging Bridge

The Waimea Swinging Bridge, located in a scenic canyon across the street from the Menehune Ditch, spans the Waimea River and provides access to farms on the other side of the river. The present bridge was built in 1996 after the original (similar) bridge was destroyed by Hurricane Iniki in 1992.

Aptly named, the bridge easily swings, sways and creaks with every breeze, making for a scary walk for some visitors. If you make it across the bridge please respect the no trespassing sign on the other side of the river.

Just prior to the bridge there is an open area next to the river that local residents use to launch kayaks and other boats.

The bridge can be reached by driving a short distance from Highway (50) on Menehune Road through a residential neighborhood. Please drive carefully through the neighborhood as there are residents, kids, dogs, chickens and even horses in the area. Park on the side of the road or in the open area prior to the bridge.

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