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Puu Poa Beach

Puu Poa Beach

Puu Poa Beach, Kauai is a small but beautiful beach that sits in front of the Princeville Resort (now 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay) and is also accessible from Hanalei Bay Resort (HBR) via a paved path.

With Hanalei Bay and Bali Hai in the distance, and spectacular mountains behind, this picturesque beach is one of the most scenic in the world. It is the site of many weddings and the occasional movie location. There’s a reef that sits just below the surface that comes into full view at low tide.

Puu Poa Beach

The beach becomes narrower and shaded as you continue towards Hanalei Bay. Behind the beach, in the trees, is a path that leads to the “Club Med Ruins” on Hanalei River Ridge. Behind the trees is a marshy area that was once a fishpond used by ancient Hawaiians.

Actually, this marshy area is an ancient fishpond dating back 600 years. A developer is proposing returning the fishpond to its former glory, but a coalition of community activists (Save Hanalei River Ridge) is pushing against the development. Remnants of a stone wall used to trap the fish from the ocean can still be seen directly behind Puu Poa Beach. Great views of the former fishpond can be seen from the site of the old Hanalei Plantation.

Sunsets are epic at Puu Poa Beach, and each evening visitors gather on the beach to watch the colorful sunsets.

For guests at the Princeville Resort (1 Hotel Hanalei Bay), the beach is just beyond the pool, where cabanas and beach chairs await. Guests at HBR can take a 5-10 minute walk down to the beach or be shuttled in a golf cart by resort staff. (There’s a call box at the bottom for the shuttle if you don’t want to walk back up.)

Puu Poa Beach view from Hanalei Bay

Puu Poa Beach as seen from the Princeville Resort (1 Hotel Hanalei Bay).

Puu Poa Beach Reef

The Puu Poa Beach reef at low tide. Please do not walk on the reef as this could damage the coral.

Puu Poa Beach kayak

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