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Kauai Red Dirt Shirts Company

Kauai Red Dirt Shirts Company

Red Dirt Shirts is currently closed on Kauai, possibly permanently, due to the economic impact of COVID-19.

Kauai’s beautiful but pesky red dirt has ruined more than a few white tennis shoes and other articles of clothing over the years. But the owner of the Original Red Dirt Shirts of Kauai has turned lemons into lemonade.

In 1992, Hurricane Iniki struck a small screen print shop in Kauai, drenching the shop’s white shirts with water and staining the shirts with the island’s red dirt blown in from the hurricane. Instead of throwing the shirts out, the owner decided to sell them, and the rest is history.

Today there are many imitation red dirt shirts to be found on the island, but there’s only one original, and that is the Original Red Dirt Shirts company based in Port Allen.

When you’re in Port Allen for a boating or fishing excursion, or when you’re traveling back from Waimea Canyon or other points on the western side of Kauai, stop by the factory outlet store for a unique souvenir from the island. (The shirts can also be found in shops across the island.)

Original Red Dirt Shirts
4350 Waialo Rd
Eleele, HI 96705
(800) 736-1245

Red Dirt Shirts Kauai
Red Dirt Shirts Kauai
Red Dirt Shirts Kauai
Red Dirt Shirts Kauai

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  1. TJ Roberts says:

    I’m looking to purchase red dirt shirts, but I can’t seem to find an online store. Is there one?

  2. Kim says:

    It is very sad that someone with better business acumen hasn’t taken over this company and coaxed it back to life. Perhaps just a bit of well planned, strategic advertising on the mainland could have helped with online ordering. Having been to Kaua’i MANY times over the last 40 years, I cannot recall a visit during which I did not stop in to pick up a new shirt or two. And I always recommended it to friends, whether or not they planned to visit the islands. My sympathies to their loyal employees.

  3. Lindsay Freireich says:

    I loved seeing you all on Dirty Jobs today. I love Kawaii and have been there in 1971…want to return. Please go on shark tank and come back to life!!
    May I still purchase a tee shirt xl?
    Thank you, Lindsay